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Warm Minimalism 2023

Given the current onus on natural, organic and sustainable styling, growing ecological and environmental awareness and a move towards more responsible consumption, the popularity of warm minimalism comes as little surprise.

A warm minimalist interior is characterised by soft, organic curvy shapes that add a welcoming, cosy dimension not typically associated with minimalist décor. It focuses on clutter-free spaces with clean, tidy lines that invite visual and mental peace. It combines natural textures and materials such as wood, wicker, rattan, ceramic and glass with soft wool and linen fabrics.

Rounded furniture and clean lines are styled with minimal decorative elements. Any ornaments are carefully chosen and kept to a minimum, perhaps handcrafted or with sentimental value. Neutral colours are the foundation colour scheme with natural, organic earth tones, like stone, beige, ochre, warm browns and a white base. Other colours can be added as long as they exude calm and tranquillity.

Plants are an excellent way to bring the fresh vitality of nature indoors. Stylish options are cacti, orchids, bamboo and sansevieria (aka mother-in-law’s-tongue!).

Maximise natural light in your space, making windows as large as possible. Hang sheer curtains to make the most of available light or think about stained glass detailing. Make up for the lack of light with soft recessed lighting for a warm, inviting atmosphere. Decorate with restraint, and curate carefully; the emphasis is on quality over quantity.


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