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An inflatable spa is just as enjoyable and works just as well as a Jacuzzi… with the added bonuses of being easy to reposition and having a cheaper price tag!

An inflatable spa is a perfect gift to enjoy with your partner, alone, with family or with friends. It’s more affordable than traditional hot tubs yet works the same way; providing the same health benefits and equal pleasure and relaxation, without the fuss of tricky installation. It’s easy to reposition indoors or outdoors or anywhere you choose.

Installation and portability aside, the most significant difference is the price tag. There is a wide range of quality spas to choose from. Pricewise, you can expect to pay between 300€ – 700€ with all essentials included, depending on shape and size. A premium range is also available, which will set you back approximately1,000€. Major brands producing inflatable spas include Intex, Bestway, Mspa and Netspa Poolstar.

Although it is inflatable, a spa still needs upkeep and maintenance, like checking filters, cleaning and monitoring water quality, pH, etc. Algaecide or a salt corrector will be needed for the water if you’re not keen on using chlorine.
They come with their corresponding machinery integrated into an engine block which looks like a backpack fitted onto the outside of the spa. This houses the control panel, the filtration system with its motor or pump and the cartridge, as well as the water heating system and the air pump, responsible for generating the bubbles. The bubble outlet net is located in the structure so when not in use, it is advisable to put the protective cover on it.

They come in all shapes and sizes! Round, square, oval and octagonal, and are available for two or up to eight people. They can hold between six hundred and eleven hundred litres and regardless of model type, the recommended water level is between sixty and seventy centimetres – a significant amount in terms of expense and weight. The latter means that it should be installed on firm, level ground.

Another important aspect to consider when buying an inflatable spa is aesthetics. Decide what colour, shape and size best fit the space you have allocated for it. Capacity is important, too; a four-person spa will be much more spacious and pleasant for two adults.

As if they weren’t fun enough, you can add to your relaxing home spa experience by accessorising with LED lights, inflatable headrests or seats, and there are even floats to hold your drinks!

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