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Single malt excellence

Whisky is considered one of the most sophisticated drinks in the world. Different types are produced the world over, but Scotch whisky is particularly prestigious because of its stringent production standards.

Of all the Scotch whiskies, single malts (made with malted barley) are considered the very best of the best. They stand out for their purity and the fact that they’re crafted in a single distillery, using only barley, yeast and water. They are matured for a minimum of three years in oak casks – the longer the ageing process, the higher the quality.

The Highlands are the home of the best Scotch whiskies. They’re renowned for being more complex and floral with a range of nuances. They also boast full-bodied flavour with a dry, slightly peaty finish. The very best Single Malts are distilled in Speyside where the use of old sherry casks infuses the whisky with sweet sophistication. Equally distinctive with robust, complex, smoky flavours are the Islay single malts characterised by their dry aftertaste with iodine and briny aromas.

One of the secrets to the quality of Scotch whisky is the use of pure water fresh from Highland streams. Typically it has a high mineral content and peaty flavour with briny notes that are enhanced during the production and ageing process.

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