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My pet has scales!

Fish are the neatest, quietest, most gratifying, therapeutic and undoubtedly the most decorative pets in the animal kingdom. An aquarium or fish tank in the home or office is a wonderful way to create a sense of tranquillity. It is easy to get lost in thought as you contemplate the rhythmic movements of the fish, the swaying of the plants in the moving water, with the relaxing sound of the bubbles in the background. Fish tanks are, in fact, widely used in Feng Shui as they are said to concentrate energy and attract abundance.

Fish are not without their needs, however! They require an aquarium with plenty of space (11.3 litres per fish), aquarium gravel (substrate), water temperature regulator, filtration, a balanced pH, food, and an environment in which they can socialise, move, or hide.

There are basically two types of fish: tropical and cold water. The optimum water temperature for warm water, or tropical varieties, like the neon, cardinal, rummy nose and emperor tetra, is between 24º-28º C. Cold water fish like goldfish and comets, on the other hand, refer 18º – 24ºC. Other common species, such as zebra, platy, molly and swordtail fish can happily live in both environments.

As well as needing to be fed three times a day, your fish also need to be kept clean, which means the water should be changed every week. Never replace all the water in one go, though, instead aim to change about 30%.

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