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Lovi Center in Xi’an City

The Lovi Center, unveiled in June 2023, transcends the concept of traditional shopping centres, seamlessly weaving together nature, commerce, and a vibrant social hub

The Chinese city of Xi’an is renowned worldwide for the great archaeological discovery of its Terracotta Warriors but in recent years, it has emerged as a hub for architectural experimentation. The Lovi Center opened in June 2023 and is poised to become an iconic landmark and embodies this spirit of innovation.
Lovi Center is superbly located and represents a remarkable beacon of architectural ingenuity for Xi’an. Its concept as a mixed-use centre has quickly become a favourite with locals and visitors alike, who are attracted by its unique blend of public space, cultural and commercial facilities, and lush greenery.

Designed by Christine Lam and David Clayton, the Lovi Center is the work of international architectural practice, Aedas, for Shaanxi Nan-Feihong Industrial Co. Ltd. It spans an area of 195,000 m2 and is conceived as an urban sanctuary. Besides the shopping centre, it comprises an office tower, a hotel, public spaces, and ample green areas. Its lush greenery and floral arrangements throughout the centre create a veritable oasis.
The design of the complex is inspired by the four seasons with a concept that revolves around the notion of a vertical garden city. Its abundant vegetation creates an impressive natural tapestry that underscores its identity and distinguishes it from conventional shopping centres.
Nature is celebrated throughout the Lovi Center, from the floral displays on the façade to all the vibrant greenery in the canopies, surrounding public spaces and the interior. Its outstanding centrepiece, located within the atrium, is a glass structure shaped like a cascading funnel that echoes the flow of a majestic waterfall. This captivating feature also provides the backdrop for a spectacular 360-degree light show that envelops the entire complex, bringing together its
diverse elements.
This ingenious design feature seamlessly connects the different levels of the complex, creating a sense of unity throughout the building. To further enhance the visitor experience, the Lovi Centre has been carefully designed to steer users towards the rooftop garden and amphitheatre.
The Lovi Center elevates the shopping experience, taking it to new heights by offering an immersive journey that blends relaxation, retail indulgence, and artistic exploration. It redefines the concept of a conventional shopping centre, transforming it into a bustling oasis of culture, creativity, and leisurely pursuits.


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