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Kin-Jo for inner harmony

This discipline aims to release tension, activate vital energy, promote decisive action, and help uncover your true essence to enjoy a harmonious life

Kin-Jo is an energetic discipline that provides an invigorating blend of mediation and movement. It encompasses the principles of yoga and tai chi with dynamic martial arts like chi kung providing the perfect way to stay active and take a break from the rigours of our modern lifestyle.
It is suitable for both men and women, regardless of age or body type. It involves performing a series of gentle and fluid movements known as katas. These katas are linked together in sequences designed to awaken our senses, emotions, and feelings. They help rejuvenate us, release tension, re-energize, and bring harmony to our bodies and minds.
Kin-Jo also teaches us to focus on our breathing techniques, refine and expand our perception, and develop our ability to concentrate. It works on bringing together mental, emotional, and sensory forces in what is known as the Kin-jo Wheels. These four levels of practice, or ‘wheels’, encompass the physical, the etheric, the astral and the casual.
The first level helps us find balance, release tension, and align ourselves with our environment and others. The second level includes meditation and helps purify us to achieve long-term health and well-being. The third level enhances psychic balance, mental clarity, understanding of others, and recognition of our unconscious programming and emotions. Finally, the fourth level is what drives the other three levels and aligns them with the natural rhythm of the universe. It also helps us identify our strengths, weaknesses, as well as, our inner beauty.
Through Kin-jo’s energetic and introspective work, forgotten sensations and emotions that linger as unconscious memories are gradually brought to the surface. This is achieved without aggression, as resistance is broken down to allow for genuine liberation and a sense of letting go. This process makes room for sensations of well-being to assert themselves deep into our psyche. The movements involved are simple, harmonious, and easy to remember.
The study of the Kin-Jo Wheels is an ongoing journey that enables practitioners to progress to increasingly advanced and intricate levels and equips them to handle any challenges and maintain balance in everyday life. There is no limit to this progression. It is a complete and inexhaustible art.


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