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Belkyra farewell double chins

Belkyra is the first injectable drug specifically designed to dissolve and permanently remove localised fat under the chin, reducing sagging and restoring firmness

A double chin is an accumulation of fat in the neck, under the chin, caused by ageing or weight fluctuations, although it can also be due to genetics. Belkyra is a safe injectable that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Belkyra treatment deals a triple whammy to double chins by destroying fat, slimming the jawline, and providing firmness. It is recommended for patients with moderate, localosed fat deposits and a loss of definition in the jawline.
Belkyra is a compound that acts like a detergent cleaning out unwanted fat cells. When injected subcutaneously, this deoxycholic acid (DCA) formula goes to work, altering the membranes of fat cells (adipocytes), causing them to rupture irreversibly. This leads to lipolysis which means that the submental (chin) region essentially empties of fat – like chemical liposuction for cheeks! It also produces mild fibrosis which encourages collagen production and subsequently supports the skin in the area, preventing it from sagging and causing that undesirable ‘turkey neck’.
Each session lasts approximately thirty minutes. The number of sessions required depends on the amount of fat targetted and the individual response to treatment. In general, between one and four sessions are required, spaced at least one and a half months apart.
Immediately after the injections, there may be some reddening in the treated area. This is due to the inflammation caused by the compound. It is important not to touch the treated area for at least two hours and to avoid heat for the next twenty-four hours. After two or three days, manual lymphatic drainage will reduce inflammation and help eliminiate fat.
You will start to see permanent results after the first month of treatment. However untreated fat cells (not all of which can be eliminated) can increase if you gain weight and add to fat stores. There’s nothing to stop you from getting back to your usual routines in the first week post treatment, but it is best to avoid any important events as there is likely to be some slight inflammation.


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