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Interiors in refreshing sorbet shades

As the hot summer months make their presence felt, why not choose a refreshing palette of sorbet colours to help your home feel cool and fresh? Try using colours like mint green, blood orange, strawberry, lemon, watermelon, mango, and raspberry. Or opt for cool blues, such as aquamarine or turquoise. There’s a wide range of refreshing shades to choose from right now, as they’re all trending this summer.

Shades of sorbet can be used as a whole colour scheme or for pops of colour. Contrast with whites or a neutral base to give any room in your home a contemporary feel. Although their vivid and cool tones lend themselves perfectly to a summer makeover, they are shades that work equally well all year round.

There’s no need for drastic makeovers as you can successfully incorporate sorbet chic with carefully chosen accessories: from cushions, bedspreads, lamps, and pouffes to curtains, rugs and different ornaments and colourful works of art. Choose original, handmade pieces or shop for lovely items available at local stores or online. It’s also worth adding pops of sorbet through soft furnishings in holiday homes and apartments for that sought-after contemporary feel. They’re easy to use and go well with wooden furniture, light-coloured floors and simple, chic accessories.

There’s nothing cooler and more summery than mango, a perfect example of a delicious, inviting colour, perhaps more so than acidic lime or kiwi. It gives off cheerful and relaxed vibes and evokes that exotic holiday feeling. Keep it light and airy; don’t overdo colour combinations if you want to avoid a fruit salad look!


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