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Influencer: Christian Musella

Name: Christian Musella
Profession: Radio broadcaster, digital creator
Sector: Fashion, lifestyle and trends
Social network(s): Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, X (ex Twitter), Linkedin, Threads, Youtube
Born in: Naples, Italy / Resident in: Naples

How did you get started as an influencer?
I always wanted to start in the world of social media, but it was in 2019 that I fulfilled a childhood dream of mine: to work for a major national radio station in Italy. From then on, the first articles and interviews were published, and I was the first Italian ‘influencer’.

What do you enjoy most about being an influencer?
Showing my followers new trends, clothes, accessories, outfits, and many other topics that I cover on my social channels.

Do you have many followers?
I have a total of 465,836 followers, most of them on Instagram.

What is your relationship with Lanzarote?
I discovered this island recently and fell in love with it. So much so that today I share my time between Naples and Lanzarote. This island inspires me with its sense of freedom and serenity. The sun never stops shining and the people are like in my hometown..

What’s next on the horizon for you?
I’m playing with lots of ideas for different projects in both the Canary Islands and Italy, and plan to carry on doing what I’m doing! I’m superstitious, though and don’t like to talk about it out loud. But I work hard, I choose the people I surround myself with carefully, and let time and God decide what will be.


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