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Hues of Harmony living space

Living room design ‘Hues of Harmony’ inspires relaxation and calm with its natural materials, curved, ergonomic lines, and delicate colour palette

Interiors fair, Casa Decor 2023, delivers design inspiration that sets enduring trends in the world of home decor. For a room that evokes peace and tranquillity, look no further than design studio Juka Interiorismo’s living room, called ‘Hues of Harmony’ created by architect and designer Javier Tomás. By exploring the combination of natural materials, a soft colour palette and organic shapes, it achieves a space that exudes proportion and harmony and invites us to disconnect from the outside world and connect with ourselves, instead.
It is designed as a space for being, unwinding and spending time, not merely for passing through – a living room in the truest sense of the word. Everything, down to the smallest detail, is visible from the doorway and has been carefully thought out. The blend of materials, wall textures, and the juxtaposition of straight lines with curved ergonomic forms all form part of this relaxing concept. The eclectic design includes the fireplace that sits alongside the raised seating area with a low-set table and armchairs.
The concept also features the pairing of wood and stone. The inclusion of noble wood features, like natural oak, lends the room style and class whilst providing the essential warmth needed to offset the coolness of the stone finishes. Natural materials, such as marble, are effectively combined with synthetic porcelain and stone-effect materials, like Dekton, clay mortar and quartzite.
Javier Tomás completes the look with natural fibres and textiles in neutral shades of grey and earth tones, enhanced by directional ambient lighting.


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