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Horchata 2.0

Alongside Spanish classics like paella, tortilla and gazpacho, horchata, is an ice cold drink associated with all things Spain and Spanish. Originally from Valencia, this delicious and nutritious drink is made from tiger nuts, (chufa) a small edible tuber that has been a Protected Designation of Origin product in Valencia since 1995.

Not only refreshing, healthy and energizing on its own, it also, makes a great base for a variety of cocktails like Chufa-libre, Chufa Colada, Lumumba horchata or Ronchata.

Rum-based Ronchata is the easiest to make; just mix horchata with dark rum in whatever propotions you fancy and pour over ice. Chufa-libre (a play on cuba libre) replaces the cola with 75% horchata and adds 25% rum or gin, ice and a twist of lemon.

Chufa-colada, inspired by the classic pina colada, consists of five ingredients in equal parts: horchata, white rum, Malibu, Mangaroca and pineapple juice. Blend well and serve over plenty of crushed ice. For a Lumumba, take horchata and brandy in equal parts, (more or less brandy according to taste!) then sprinkle a dusting of cocoa powder on top. Alternatively, add chocolate milk too if you’ve got a sweet tooth. For another delicious horchata-based cocktail, take 80 ml of horchata, 40 ml of cava and 80 ml of ice-cold orange juice – Bottoms up!

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