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Flavoured salt

Whether home cooking or haute cuisine: the world of cookery is becoming increasingly popular. Techniques are more and more sophisticated and inventive. Thankfully, there are some pro tips we can all use to enhance flavour and make the most of the ingredients we have to hand.

One such hack is to flavour salt. Along with infusing olive oil with different aromas, this idea has been around for a while and is easy to experiment with. There’s a wide range of flavoured salt blends to try out: including wine, vanilla, chilli, roasted peppers, parsley, mushrooms, onions or shallots, basil, sesame, rosemary, orange, vegetable peel, nori seaweed…and many, many more.

The advantage of flavoured salt is the final finesse it gives to any dish. It can either add an unexpected nuance of flavour or enhance the flavours already present. An added plus is that less is more, so a pinch of flavoured salt cuts down on the need for loading with other seasonings.

Roasted pepper salt is a perfect example of making the most of everything you cook. If roasting peppers, don’t discard leftover juices. Instead, add a generous layer of sea salt, spread it out evenly on the baking tray and let the delicious flavours soak in by baking in the oven on a gentle heat. Try double-baking for a more intense flavour. Store in an
airtight container.


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