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Eco-friendly homes for 2023

The appeal of the eco-friendly philosophy when it comes to our homes is a direct response to our needs to come home to a welcoming, protective space where we can get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Design and decor are vital to achieving this idyllic space. Inspired by nature, interiors use soft, organic, curved shapes combined with green and earthy tones. They promote calm, serenity and harmony, which is reinforced by the presence of plants. Natural daylight plays another important role but when the sun sets, warm LED-type indirect artificial lighting creates pleasant and relaxed atmospheres.

Hogar ecofriendly
Photo: Luis Hevia. Casa Decor 2022

In a nod to emotional minimalism, declutter your home by choosing to display only unique objects that are special to you – ones that evoke fond memories or reflect your personality. Natural and sustainable materials and textures are complemented by three fundamental elements: air quality, thermal comfort and acoustic comfort.

At this year’s Casa Decor 2022 homes exhibition, Andreína Raventós Architects brought us Conceptual Architecture – The Art of Living. Her design was a declaration of intent when it comes to happy living with a holistic approach that balances the needs of both body and mind. Her modern cave is a space which embraces the need for moments of self-reflection and connection; a refuge where you can listen to yourself and understand yourself better.


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