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Digital Lavender – 2023’s colour of choice

2023 is set to embrace a range of colours in home furnishings and design. Expect sandy colours alongside red tones that run the gamut of garnet to terracotta, as well as a range of green greys ready to grace our homes together with natural textures and materials like wood and ceramics. However, the dominance of all things blue on the major catwalks, together with the predictions of WGSN, a leading consultant in consumer trends, would seem to point to Digital Lavender as the colour of the year in 2023.

Digital Lavender (Code 134-67-16) is very close to the Pantone 2022 colour of the year, Very-Peri but is seen as a natural evolution of a trend that bridges the gap between the natural and digital worlds, with the plus that it is an inclusive, gender-free colour. It also sits in line with the current preference for gentle shades that evoke a sense of peace and quiet. Digital Lavender exudes stability, balance, well-being, calmness, and a sense of peace that allows us the space to connect with our inner selves.

The success of Digital Lavender is also linked to the triumph of romantic-country, shabby-chic home décor. A trend that can be applied to any room through wall paint, lamps, cushions, rugs and other furnishings, but in a less is more, subtle way.


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