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Cool Wave Contouring

Cool Wave is a cutting-edge, non-invasive technique that uses microwave technology to dissolve fat and firm skin

Onda body reshaping therapy is a state-of-the-art treatment brought to Spain by Carmen Navarro Beauty Centres. It not only works to combat cellulite, flaccidity and localised fat, it also defines and contours your body in accordance with your natural body shape much like a tailor made suit.

It consists of revolutionary cold wave technology that works at different levels by directly targeting fatty tissue causing a vibration that increases temperature and accelerates metabolism. Localised fatty acids in the adiposities (fat cells) respond to the heat by breaking down and liquefying into lysates that the body then expels naturally through the lymphatic system. This permanent removal of fatty acids makes Onda a perfect 3 in 1 treatment as it works simultaneously to reduce cellulite, break down localised fat and firm skin tone, all in a completely pain-free procedure. The handpieces used to apply the treatment can be regulated to apply just the right level of cold and intensity to suit the sensitivity of each patient without detriment to the result. The recommended treatment plan consists of four to six sessions lasting seventy minutes each with a rest period of fifteen days between sessions.

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The cold wave in question is within the range of microwaves, which have been applied and used in countless fields, from aeroplane crews to meteorology and also in a whole host of medical therapies, such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy. In fact, the application of microwaves are ideal for tissue located very close to the skin and to treat conditions such as tennis elbow (epicondylitis), tendonitis, etc.

In the field of aesthetics, cold wave technology is an improvement on techniques such as radiofrequency as its deep action penetrates beyond the dermis to the adipose cells more efficiently and with longer-lasting results.

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