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Canarian red bananas

‘Raspberry-flavoured’ red bananas are the new foodie trend to take social media by storm. But in fact, they are neither new nor do they taste like raspberries!
Red bananas were introduced to the Canaries from the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe four decades ago. However, it has only been in the last five years that farmers in Tenerife have made a real commitment to growing them.
What sets Canarian red bananas apart is their vibrant reddish skin that is thicker than yellow varieties and envelops a smaller, flatter, and denser fruit. They peel effortlessly and have a delightful, subtle aroma, revealing an almost fluffy interior.
The star of the show is what lies inside – a delicate, pink-coloured flesh dotted with tiny seeds. As the fruit ripens, the pale pink gives way to an alluring deep reddish-orange colour.
Despite their colour and the media hype, their flavour leans more towards a delicate mango nuance than a raspberry, and their creamy but firm flesh is more flavourful and far less sweet than their yellow counterparts. This versatility makes it a culinary chameleon, ideally suited to both sweet and savoury dishes.


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