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The Haría Viewpoint

Since its reopening, César Manrique’s Mirador de Haría has captivated over 30,000 visitors with its immersive panorama. Two glass-floored walkways offer breathtaking views of the Valley of a Thousand Palms and Temesa Ravine

The Mirador de Haría, the viewpoint designed by Lanzarote artist César Manrique in 1966, reopened its doors to the public in September 2021 after many years of closure. The renovation, funded by the Cabildo and executed by Haría’s Town Hall, was overseen, and designed by municipal architect Miguel Ángel Fontes Figuera. He is the former dean of the Lanzarote Architects’ Association and currently serves on the Board of the Higher Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain.
Fontes Figuera defines the Mirador as ‘an avant-garde intervention’ that opens a ‘constant dialogue between contemporary and traditional architecture and landscape’ resulting in a seamless blend of modern and traditional design that sits in harmony with the natural surroundings. He envisions the building itself as a collection of diverse art forms where the beauty of nature, artistic expression and architectural design all converge into a unified whole.
The fusion of nature, art and architecture is further enhanced by the addition of the spectacular glass-floored walkways, which afford impressive views of the stunning valleys below. While the architectural beauty of the building itself is noteworthy, the walkways are undoubtedly the main draw, attracting visitors with their unparalleled views and immersive experience.
The restoration breathes new life into this significant space for Haría and Lanzarote as a whole. Like all César Manrique’s works, it embodies his principles of fusing landscape, sustainable tourism, and island culture – values he championed wholeheartedly, fiercely defending the island against unchecked tourist development.
Beyond stunning views, the revitalized Mirador has become a vibrant cultural hub for Haría, hosting concerts, talks, and artistic events – with even more on the horizon. Since its reopening, it’s attracted over 30,000 visitors, solidifying its status as a must-see destination.
The Mirador del Haría is located on the LZ10, the zig-zag mountain road heading down from Los Helechos road. Admission is free, but the shuttle service from Haría is no longer in operation. Visitors must travel by private vehicle and be aware that parking at the site is very limited and requires caution.


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