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LagOmar: Cesar Manrique’s style input

LagOmar is a unique place, carved into the volcanic rock face and blessed with the magic style of César Manrique

LagOmar draws you in with its whimsical shapes, labyrinth of lava tunnels, smooth white curves, and nooks and crannies that evoke memories of childhood games of hide and seek. It has a dreamlike beauty shrouded in mystery, the type of place conjured up in tales shared over the light of a flickering candle. This is LagOmar. Infused with enormous sentimental value, it is the work of a lifetime built with love and faithfully maintained for more than twenty-five years.

In the late 1960s, Samuel Benady, a Sephardic Jewish developer from Gibraltar, built the house that became the seed from which everything else would grow. In 1989, when it was practically in ruins, it was bought by architects Beatriz Van Hoff (Uruguayan) and Dominik Von Boettinger (German), a married couple at the time. In the mid-1990s, they began renovation work with the guidance and creative input of César Manrique and Jesús Soto, who personally followed the transformation – themselves the creators of the newly established Centres for Art, Culture and Tourism.

A pool was built into the former rock quarry with gardens, a chill-out bar called La Cueva, a restaurant and a museum. The complex occupies three plots with a total area of 6,722 m2. It also has two tennis courts, four houses, patios, communal areas, the main swimming pool, plus a private pool.

Visitors wandering through its gardens and tunnels will come across the iron and glass buoys that Jesús Soto rescued from old fishing boats and turned into lamps. The wooden beams incorporated into the caves were taken from old windmills and play a vital role in the overall colour scheme and play of textures.

Thousands of Lanzarote locals and tourists have fond memories of spending time in this magical place. LagOmar has been the venue for fashion photo shoots, TV commercials, documentaries and film scenes. It is admired by everyone who sees it and is one of Lanzarote’s top must-sees.

The restaurant has served a variety of cuisines over the years, always of the quality and calibre you’d expect from such a stunning setting. Equally, its terrace bar, carved into the rock, has hosted numerous nights out, live music events and private parties. LagOmar has truly earnt a place in the hearts of thousands of locals and visitors.


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