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Organic home design

In ‘The Art of Living’, Andreína Raventós presents a warm space where we feel welcomed and embraced by the organic and ergonomic minimalism of its soft tones and natural materials

The ‘Art of Living’ is a space presented by the Andreína Raventós Arquitectural studio at the 2022 edition of Casa Decor. ‘It is in essence a modern cave that invites you to reflect on the importance of connecting with your inner self. A refuge where you can listen to and understand yourself better. In this way, enabling you to create spaces that are aligned with your lifestyle and objectives.’ says the architect.

According to Raventós, it is ‘a space to encourage personal growth and develop a holistic approach to every area of our life, including nutrition, so we may achieve a balance between body and mind. When a space is designed to align with a specific goal, everything possible must be done to make it happen. With this in mind, this space is made with natural and sustainable materials. The clay and lime mortar, two of the oldest building materials, have been updated and used in a contemporary way.’

Raventós’s space is warm and welcoming. Its organic design, with soft, ergonomic lines, lends it an aura of comfort and protection. The predominantly natural lighting is complemented by artificial recessed lighting that adds a soft, warm glow that’s also extremely functional. The white furniture fits comfortably with the natural earth and stone tones of the walls and ceilings, which combine perfectly to create an intuitively inviting space to live in.

There’s nothing stone age about the high-tech design solutions in the cave, such as the modular teppanyaki hot plate by Siemens, the home automation system by Zennio, the designer taps in the kitchen by Blanco Germany and in the bathroom by Tres Grifería. Texture was added courtesy of Texathenea’s soft furnishings. And credit for the ancestral organic connection goes to the clay mortar made by Ecoclay.

The combination of natural materials and organic shapes in this project all come under the umbrella of the #CasaDecorSostenible campaign.


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