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Handcrafted Homeware

Sustainability, natural and traditional materials, slow living and handcrafted homeware are all key to this season’s home décor

The onus is on craftsmanship this season, as seen at Spain’s major annual interior design event, CasaDecor. Perfection is out; imperfection is in. It’s all about unique pieces of furniture and one-of-a-kind decorative elements that are handmade and as far removed from the production line as you can get. Think authenticity, tradition and, sustainability.

We should be seeking to create our home as a haven, with cosy, welcoming vibes that aid our emotional wellbeing. To achieve this feel we can make use of textures and colours that evoke a country cottage and a past when we were more connected with nature. Try wood, ceramics, vegetable fibres, terracotta and tiles –materials that are all sustainable and convey warmth and calm.

As a creative technique, artisan craftsmanship lies somewhere between design and art, but it has the essential human factor which provokes an emotional reaction as you look at it and touch it. It is also imbibed with the love and care of its creator and can provide lasting memories of the time and place it was purchased or gifted.

Vintage, boho and raw design concepts reflect this nostalgia and human connection and remain ever popular in homes around the globe. Interior designer Mónica Garrido uses wood in natural finishes and braided rope in her designs and Miguel Muñoz Estudio gives prominence to pieces made of clay, ceramic, wrought iron and glass. Handcrafted pieces are not just the preserve of family homes, they’re also becoming objects of desire among millennials, and designers are duly supplying handmade objects made from natural materials.

Handcrafted homeware also transcends fashion and embraces pieces from all corners of the world, like tableware, rugs, macramé and merino wool, mohair, silk, hemp or jute furnishings, as well as exotic pieces like hand-woven Kilim rugs from India. They are objects that have found their way into our homes having justifiably made a niche for themselves in modern décor. They have an innate ability to move with the times, never losing their identity and always providing added value and with an eco-conscience.

If love and respect for the environment are intrinsic to craftsmanship, equally important are social awareness and pragmatism. London-based Collective-Stories studio works directly with artisans in Guatemala, Mexico and the Philippines to promote sustainable employment and preserve local culture by encouraging local producers to strengthen their ecosystem. They make gorgeous cushions, rugs and baskets in cotton or wool, inspired by geometric shapes often found in Bauhaus designs.

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