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Farewell double chins

Face facts – a double chin is one of those ‘less is more’ beauty issues…and it tends to get worse as we age, gain weight or overuse our smartphones

‘Submental fullness’ (a double chin to you and me) is an increasingly common occurrence usually associated with the passing of years but one that’s becoming more and more common at younger ages. Factors such as weight changes, addiction to mobile phones or hormonal imbalances would seem to be the main culprits.

Putting aside the significant role of genetics for a moment, a more recent explanation is poor posture in the shape of ‘smartphone neck’, the cause of one of the 21st century’s biggest hang-ups and an enormous challenge for beauty professionals.

When we’re looking at our mobile phones or tablets we tend to look down with our chin touching our chest. This position puts pressure on the spine and subsequently affects the neck which is unable to support the weight, so it gives way and ends up filling out. This causes the accumulation of fat and toxins in the chin area, very often regardless of body shape and weight. This extra bulge of fatty flesh can worsen as skin starts to sag or if the jaw fails to develop fully.

Not all double chins have the same root cause therefore not all are treated the same way. Dr Moises Amselem has developed a year-long treatment plan consisting of a combination of two procedures; fat reduction through mesotherapy and the use of spiculated threads.

Dr Moisés Amselem

The Mesotherapy treatment is applied in a series of between six and twelve sessions. Each visit consists of having active substances injected to reduce fat and firm the skin. It is a fast, pain-free procedure that’s over in just a few minutes. Some bruising may occur, so sun exposure should be avoided to ensure the area does not become pigmented.

The second part of the treatment is designed to tackle sagging skin caused by fat loss. Under local anaesthetic, between two and three 360º degree spiculated threads are implanted using a cannula to prevent bruising, resulting in a practically painless and tremendously effective procedure.

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