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Mediterranean interiors for cool summers

Mediterranean décor is eternally modern with its refreshing, simple elegance. Its serene vibe lends homes a light, airy feel as refreshing as a sea breeze

Few interior styles are as relatable to the Canarian way of life as Mediterranean décor. It not only manages to capture the essence of simple, unhurried living but also bridges traditional and modern design aesthetics that create simple, elegant and romantic homes. It also focuses on craftsmanship, natural materials and light, fresh and warm tones.

One of the stand-out features of this style is built-in furniture made of plasterboard, drywall, plaster or even cement. Once built, they can be given a personal touch with cushions on sofas and chairs, for example, or with slatted louvre doors or fabric curtains for other types of furniture.

Walls should be whitewashed. According to design studio Arenaa Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño, if you want to achieve that authentic Mediterranean feel, leave walls white and with textured finishes; there’s no need for them to be perfectly smooth. Allow them to come alive with natural lumps and bumps for that natural artisan look.

The Mediterranean style’s colour of choice is white, in different tones and textures, set against a range of blues, sandy colours, aqua green, terracotta and maybe a few touches of yellow in honour of the sun. White absorbs the light and does a great job of evoking the flavour of the warm south, the sea and open windows.

Here in Lanzarote, we’re lucky to enjoy an incredible climate that allows us to take the indoors into outdoor living. This means we should do all we can to connect interior and exterior spaces. Aim to create light and airy open spaces as natural extensions of your living room. A great way to achieve this is through terracotta flooring, preferably in lighter tones.

Add soft furnishings and ornaments in natural materials. Think wicker, rattan, linen, jute, or wood when choosing baskets, lamps, curtains, rugs, mirrors and decorative pieces. Avoid sharp edges; the idea is to follow the wave and opt for organic shapes, including features like archways, corners, bannisters, or openings, to achieve a soft, relaxing aesthetic.

Perfect finishing touches can be added in the form of beautiful handmade objects like artisan pottery pieces, wickerwork, woven basketry, clay, and glass. Carefully chosen antique or second-hand pieces also add character, especially if they mean something special to you and tell a real story.


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