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Kitchens that inspire Casa Decor 2023

Kitchens are more than purely functional spaces; they are hubs of creativity and the centre of sociable gatherings with friends and family

Kitchens are invariably the focal point of most homes, and when it comes to their design and concept, inspiration is increasingly drawn from the Mediterranean lifestyle. Certainly, kitchens are the focus of Spain’s definitive annual interior décor event, Casa Décor 2023. There is a move towards a design aesthetic that ticks the boxes in terms of both function and design. This can be seen in a variety of design ideas and architectural solutions. But the main feature they all have in common is the kitchen island.

This can be seen in Sixty-Pro, the space created by Cuarto Interior Studio for Casa Decor 2023. Germán Álvarez and José Manuel Fernández place the kitchen centre stage as the new heart of the house. It serves as a multifunctional space and hub around which the home’s social and family life revolves.

According to the Mediterranean way of life, everything happens in the kitchen – it is the life and soul of the home. It’s where people gather and sit around the island to share stories, discuss the ins and outs of the day, and chat over an aperitif or sip wine with friends. It is a space where just being and functionality flow. It’s a tradition that has given rise to Mediterranean-inspired designs and finishes. Contemporary looks include soft olive-green tones with natural materials and curvy shapes that soften the architecture.

The Sixty-Pro Space has flourishes of exotic deco stones, contemporary ceramics and woodwork, a legacy of Spanish craftsmanship. Paper in the form of art and clay mortar walls are another nod to the organic, artisan Mediterranean look.


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