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Jeuneville, vertical living

Located in Greater Paris, Jean Nouvel’s new model for 21st century urban living is young, dynamic, sustainable, and ready in 2025

Jean Nouvel, winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2008, is the architect behind the Jeuneville project. A complete neighbourhood conceived vertically with a multicoloured exterior design that is reminiscent of the Pompidou Centre.

Construction is set to begin in 2022 and is scheduled for completion in 2025. It is a young, dynamic, innovative, inspiring and, above all, sustainable project that radically reinvents living and working in Greater Paris. Parisian architectural studio Samuel Nageotte is collaborating on this ambitious architectural and urban planning project.

Jeuneville will be located in the Gennevilliers neighbourhood on the banks of the River Seine with part of it used as the Olympic Village for the Paris 2024 Games in a couple of years’ time. It offers an alternative solution to the problems of space, pollution and the high-energy dependence of large cities. Nouvel is committed to carbon-free local materials, vertical gardens, self-ventilation and energy self-sufficiency thanks to solar panels.

Nouvel’s vertical neighbourhood will provide 100,000 m2 of workplaces and 30,000 m2 of green spaces. The neighbourhood will consist of two complementary halves: one for work, technology and business; the other for co-living and student accommodation with a capacity for 7,500 people. The structures are highly flexible and adaptable, allowing each floor to evolve according its developing needs.

The project aims to become an engine for development in the region even before the Olympic Games. Through its design and approach, it promotes renewal, connection and exchange. A creative campus designed for the new generations and the new economy. In addition to the work, business and residential areas, it will have a large central piazza which will provide the main hub for social interaction, ideal for hosting events, exhibitions and fairs. Other amenities include a cinema, library, hypermarket, sports facilities as well as educational facilities, such as schools as well as a university faculty.

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