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Ikigai, everyday happiness

Spain’s most important design, decoration and interior design competition Casa Décor 2021 saw designer Lorna de Santos present her ‘Ikigai conceptual space’ which shares some of her emotional minimalism sensibilities presented in her winning entry last year.

De Santos’s design is inspired by conscious resilience and the Japanese concept of Ikigai, which is, ‘the art of being occupied in every moment with fulfilling tasks that make us happy.’ Her space therefore focuses on wellbeing, inner peace and happiness based on the simplicity of everyday life.

This feeling of serenity is achieved through the use of sustainable materials and natural textures such as clay rendering, wood and moulded plaster to create irregular shapes for a sense of sobriety and simplicity. The all-important lighting combines natural light with indirect, warm, diffused light and perimeter lighting. She has created soft, sinuous lines in neutral tones with handcrafted pieces that are very much in Vogue this year. It is Lorna de Santos’ hope to create spaces which inspire reflection and the desire to explore news way of living.

Several companies have participated in this design. The natural clay rendering is by Ecoclay. Bona provided the varnish for wooden floors and Gira is responsible for the home automation and other technological mechanisms.

Casa Decor 2021 – Photos: Nacho Uribesalazar

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