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Cosmetic procedures for men

Men may be less concerned about wrinkles but they do worry about frown lines, sagging skin, bags under the eyes and sunspots

The Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine has revealed that 20% of men use some kind of cosmetic medical treatment. In many cases, the reason is work-related because they feel that looking good helps job security, boosts chances of getting a promotion or opens doors to other job opportunities.

As Dr Moisés Amselem points out, although male and female skin is quite different, we share certain needs and aspirations when it comes to the way we want our skin to look. Whereas men tend to be less concerned about wrinkles per se, they do worry about dark circles and bags under their eyes, as well as general sagging sand skin tone.

Men’s skin is firmer, thicker and takes longer to age, but when it does, it does so more abruptly causing wrinkles and expression lines that tend to be more accentuated. Male hormones generate more oil and this, in turn, leads to more imperfections and shinier skin. The cosmetic treatment most commonly requested by men is to reduce their expression lines. To this end botulinum toxin, better known as Botox, is applied, especially in the area between the eyebrows and in the wrinkles around the eyes.

To moisturise, combat sagging skin and boost regeneration, a cocktail of trace elements, amino acids, peptides and hyaluronic acid can be taken in the form of vitamin complexes. These are suitable for use at any time of the year and at any age.

Another common problem is sagging and dark circles under the eyes caused by a gradual fat loss that has occurred over time. Dr Ameselm offers two solutions, known the world over and both developed by him. The first is the ‘horaria’ technique and the second is the ‘hockey stick’ technique.

The ‘horaria’ technique tackles the eye region by injecting hyaluronic acid into the under-eye area, above the eyebrows and also in the crow’s feet. The ‘hockey stick’, on the other hand, involves injecting the area from the cheekbones up to the temples. This gives a non-surgical facelift that is effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Both procedures take about twenty minutes and are painless, thanks to the use of innovative micro-cannulas with rounded tips that don’t leave bruises. These treatments can also be combined with the sun and summer activities with no adverse effects. No downtime is needed so you can be back at work straight away. Effects last for up to a year and treatment also stimulates your skin’s own hydration and collagen production.

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