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KO Train for happiness

KO training is an approach to fitness that encompasses mind, body and emotions by taking the best of four disciplines: boxing, martial arts, boot camp and yoga

The philosophy behind KO goes beyond physical training and improves your state of mind to create a happier you – you train for happiness. It fuses the physical aspects of boxing, martial arts, boot camp and yoga with mind and body training, mindful eating and a positive attitude.

The boxing side of KO training covers intense cardio, agility that comes from dodging and weaving and developing speed and power in your response. The military-style boot camp aspect offers functional and full-on training that works on physical as well as mental and emotional strength. The martial arts side of KO, specifically taekwondo, trains your ability to focus, which is complemented by yoga.

To achieve mind and body harmony, KO training focuses on the importance of looking inwards and finding calm before looking outward. This can be achieved by changing your perception of problems. Learning good breathing techniques is key. By controlling your airflow, you can slow your breathing right down to a state of gentle calm.

Another aspect of KO is learning that even though you cannot control your environment or people, you can choose how you react to stimuli around you. It’s about shifting your perspective, we all have plenty of problems, but it is up to you to decide what you focus on. Yoga provides a way to centre yourself and understand that we can all press pause and find internal happiness. That’s how the idea of the KO training method was born.

KO is training for happiness and freeing your head from problems and fears. Mind and body become powerful and tranquil. It makes you sweat, which helps eliminate toxins. It focuses your mind, which in turn helps cleanse emotions. It brings you to the present, detaching you from the past or future. It brings out a smile that stays with you.


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