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Can you imagine having a mini golf course in your own home… in your garden maybe, or in an interior courtyard… your office, even? All you need is a stretch of artificial grass, a hole for the ball and your imagination to include slopes, curves and bunkers in the ‘fairway’ to make the game as motivating as possible.

If your available space isn’t large enough for more than one hole, concentrate on making one you can adapt to make increasingly challenging. Perhaps you can change the incline, direction or length, or why not up the ante with some bunkers? Given that the course is created on artificial grass, it’s just a matter of landscaping.

Nowadays, most golf courses and putting greens are built using different varieties of artificial turf. There is a wide range of high-quality surfaces and textures on the market to suit your budget, space and imagination. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can change it up again.

The artificial grass used for golf courses and putting greens usually has a pile height of 16 millimetres, is UV treated and has very high-density fibres (4,000 stitches/m2 and 5,500 Dtex.) Dtex or Decitex is the unit of density of fibres in grams per 10,000 metres. For the busy tee-off area, turf with a greater pile height (35/40 mm) and tuft density (57,960 stitches/m2 with 7,700 Dtex) is recommended, as it is more hardwearing.


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