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Custom pools 2024

Custom pools offer endless possibilities for modern pool design, allowing homeowners to personalise their pools with unique styles, materials, accessories and features

The world of pools is undergoing a significant transformation, not just in terms of design, décor, and maintenance, but also in the integration of cutting-edge technology. This summer, 2024, will see the rise in popularity of smart pools, where beautiful design seamlessly blends with a commitment to environmental awareness. However, the overarching trend is the emphasis on custom-built pools.

The move towards custom pools goes hand in hand with sustainability. Environmental awareness is permeating every aspect of life, and your pool is no exception. Enjoying your water oasis is all the more pleasurable knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment. Consider using solar energy to power pumps, heaters, and lighting systems. Instead of harsh chemicals, use aquatic plants to create a balanced ecosystem that keeps your water sparkling clean and healthy.

Saltwater pools are another sustainable option, offering additional benefits like reduced stress and gentle exfoliation.
Modern pools can be taken to the next level with the implementation of smart technology to ensure the pool’s maintenance, efficiency, safety, and comfort. Domotic and AI-run systems can automatically detect leaks, refill water, clean the pool, regulate water chemistry and temperature, and even send alerts when there are problems. Additionally, they can integrate human and pet detection systems both in and around the water for added peace of mind.

Pools can also be elevated from mere swimming spaces to multi-functional entertainment centres by incorporating various water features, from gentle cascades and invigorating hydromassage jets to powerful currents designed to challenge your swimming prowess. Host unforgettable summer gatherings with an in-pool bar, underwater speakers, and captivating water projection screens displaying mesmerising effects or even 3D holographic imagery.

Carefully curated lighting is another way to enhance the beauty and ambience of your pool. Energy-efficient LED lights offer a rainbow of colours to highlight specific water areas and create visual contrasts. With just the touch of a button on your phone, you can control brightness, colours and effects and create captivating underwater scenes and mesmerising light shows.


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