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Budget-friendly renovations

Thinking of a bathroom makeover but worried about the cost? Think again! A bathroom revamp needn’t drain your wallet. There are plenty of budget-friendly ideas to get you started

Revamping your bathroom without breaking the bank means using your imagination and doing it yourself! Think of it as an enjoyable challenge. For example, there’s no need to start ripping out the tiles when they can be painted over instead! However, it’s essential to prep properly by repairing any cracks or chips with filler and ensuring that the surface, including the grout, is cleaned thoroughly and free of dust, grease, or any residue before applying
the paint.

Not all paints are suitable for bathroom tiles, which are highly exposed to moisture and dirt. There are different types of paints specifically for this type of surface. The most resistant options are epoxy paints or epoxy resin coatings. You can also apply water-based or oil-based synthetic enamels. You will also need a special roller for this type of paint and brushes for little touch-ups.

If you are considering painting the ceiling, always start with that. Then, paint the edges of the tiles that meet the ceiling or floor, not forgetting the corners and edges of the sanitary ware, which are trickier to reach. Then, use a roller, always working from top to bottom and preferably from the centre to the sides. If you need to apply more than one coat of paint for a perfect finish, let each layer dry completely according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Other alternatives include mural wallpaper or adhesive vinyl tiles to stick over your existing tiles. There are plenty of options available, and they are reasonably priced.

The next step is to tackle the floors. The quality of vinyl flooring has made great strides over the years, and nowadays, there is a wide variety of colours and finishes to choose from, such as wood, stone, ceramic, or hydraulic tile finishes. These plastic floors are adhesive and extremely easy to install as they can be glued over the top of the existing floor without the need to remove it first. Some even offer added cushioning for comfort underfoot.

Finally, replacing the taps is a small step to making a big difference. Choose a line that matches the functionality and design of your new-look bathroom, whether modern, classic, minimalist or vintage. Single-lever taps offer a practical choice, whilst double-lever taps are a more decorative alternative, perfect for rustic or retro styles.


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