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Bathrooms in 2022 are more like spas than functional washrooms. Spacious oases of peace and quiet oozing top-notch quality and design

Luxury bathrooms are all about creating a sense of space and this is key in 2022. They should be calm, relaxing spaces that feel more like a spa than a bathroom. Aim for simple, clean lines, nothing overly full-on or fancy. The main features are the bathtub and the shower tray, while the toilet, the bidet and the washbasins, yes plural; take a back seat and are hidden from view.

Style-wise, the décor is all about your design choices for the bathroom itself as well as the fittings. It’s time to ditch the rigid, crisp white porcelain of yesteryear and opt for organic, rounded shapes in natural colours, instead. Statement taps and fittings are a way to add renewed style and are available in bold, extravagant designs like matt black, copper or gold with green tones.

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Showers should be no replacements for bathtubs, have the best of both worlds and put them together in a wet room by creating a private, separate space tucked behind a screen but open at the top. Ceiling mounted single or double shower heads are perfect for that pummelling rain effect. For family functionality, double washbasins are the order of the day, keeping them separate yet together.

Wallpaper is a great way to add a personal touch, but make sure it’s self-adhesive and suitable for warm, wet spaces. There’s a range of design styles to choose from; Japandi brings Japanese serenity to bathrooms, or try the indoors/outdoors style often used with terraces achieved by using materials and architectural elements that integrate the bathroom into the rest of the house. Wood looks wonderful in bathroom interiors as do large glass panels, plants and integrated mirrors. Think out of the box and experiment with light fittings you’d normally associate with bedrooms for a pop of personality, as long as they’re in line with the overall aesthetic. Wooden floors add warmth or try tiled or slate flooring in chevron, zigzag or hexagonal patterns.

In terms of colour, you can’t go wrong with any shade of blue combined with white, earthy colours or wood. White looks particularly good in textured or marbled finishes. Cheerful colours like candyfloss or bubblegum pink are fun or be bold with the unwavering dramatic elegance of black. Play with finishes by mixing up matt and glossy fittings – gold taps are back!

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