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Summer fashion 2024


But don’t overdo it. While some designers are dipping their toes into a dark palette, the overall mood is upbeat. Expect summer blues, classic navy, yellows, reds, and pastels.

Power dressing shoulder pads

Shoulder pads are back with a vengeance. Relive the eighties with a strong silhouette and a cinched waist. Think of inverted triangles! Blazers with statement shoulder pads and bold prints pair perfectly with high-waisted shorts or pleated skirts.

Cropped trousers: Capri / Pedal Pushers / Pirate

Cropped trousers are making a comeback. This versatile style can be worn sporty, in sweatpants fabric combined with striped shirts and short blazers or sophisticated, reminiscent of the 2000s. Boho-style trousers are also huge this season. Skirt lovers will adore summer’s yellow, satin or pleated must-have.

Top: The polo shirt

With a nod to rugby or tennis, short or long-sleeved polo shirts in knit or cotton resurface with a preppy, two-thousand vibe and oversized. Voluminous 3-D tops are a must. Dressier occasions call for a statement blazer – shoulder pads compulsory.
Miniskirts and shorts: Less is more
Time to show a lotta, lotta leg. Miniskirts are transforming into micro-skirts for a reinvented preppy look. Shorts are shorter than ever, evolving into hot pants.

Blue Takes Centre Stage

Look for metallics, classic navy, deep indigo, baby blue, turquoise and shades that enter the realm of green. Simple but not dull.

Jewellery: XXL

Forget delicate and dainty. This season is all about big, bold, statement pieces. Oversized earrings with an eighties flair, chunky choker necklaces and eye-catching bracelets.

Big & bold or dainty floral dresses

Dresses with floral prints are in full force. Bold and colourful or delicate pastels for floaty styles. For minimalist, clean lines, black is de rigueur.

Swimsuit Must-haves

Leopard print, minimalist nineties styles, and 3-D florals are still in vogue for bikinis and swimsuits. Choose from flattering maximalist or minimalist cuts and embrace neutral tones. Beaded straps and prints add sophistication. And the classic red bikini or swimsuit is always a winner.

Swimwear: Printed paradise

Midi Bermuda shorts that hit mid-thigh are clear winners this season. Colours are bright, and prints are subtle. Think exotic botanicals, tropical fruits, paisley, or an ethnic influence with Indian and African-inspired patterns. Print-free options are monochrome in pastel tones or colour block designs with contrasting colours on the legs or waistband.


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