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Hope for Hotelito

A scientific study commissioned by the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage of the Canary Islands Government describes the building known as ‘el Hotelito de la Caleta’ as being in a ‘terrifying’ state of disrepair. However, it stresses that it can be saved from collapse if ‘urgent measures’ are taken. Head of this government department, Nona Perera, points out that, “Only the façade and decoration will be saved and restored, the skylight cannot be salvaged.”

The study warns that “the building poses a risk to the safety of passers-by” and that “any scaffolding erected cannot be attached to the building”. It also points out the “loose and crumbling rendering and loss of detail caused by erosion eating away at the cement.”

The study reveals, “The original paintwork was done in organically dyed lime washes in red, yellow, blue, ochre and pink”. These colours will be revived in the restoration process using natural materials and additives. The experts who put this study together will be asked to form part of the restoration team supervised by the Cabildo and the Canary Islands Government.

As historian Arminda Arteta points out, Luis Ramírez’s ‘Hotelito’ is more than 100 years old and is the only modernist style building in Lanzarote and the only one of its kind in the whole of the Canary Islands to have animal motifs on its façade.

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